Best Sides for Lebanese Chicken (Other Than Chips)

Best Sides for Lebanese Chicken (Other Than Chips)

Lebanese cooking is something else and is full of delight. Its unique and creative approach to the vegan lifestyle is also something worth noting. In Australia, Lebanese cooking is widely known and is quite thriving. The best chicken and chips in town are widely known, but sometimes, don’t you wish that you had something else to pair with the chicken? Here are some side dishes that are a must-try if you’re craving the Lebanese chicken trademark.


Kibbeh is considered Lebanon’s national dish, and there’s a reason why this title has been bestowed for it. It’s crunchy, it’s spicy, and it’s nutty! It has a very distinct flavor that is only possible because of its amazing combination, and how it is prepared. It is relatively easy, and it is only required to be deep-fried, so you can have this made at the comfort of your home while you’re waiting for that charcoal chicken to be delivered.


Hummus is not something you can eat all alone, but with a chicken part or any hard veggies, this side can make your taste buds rejoice! It is a mixture of tahini, garlic, and chickpeas, but it can also be added with other ingredients to achieve a different type of taste, definitely something to try out for people that want to experiment with Lebanese cuisine.


Fattoush itself can already fill your empty belly, but it can also be used as a side dish, a replacement for the best chicken and chips you can find in town. This meal is a combination of bread and veggies, which are most of the time composed of lettuce and cabbages, any veggies that provide crunch and tastiness would do.

Fattoush is a very healthy choice if you want to live a green lifestyle, or you simply just want to add more nutrients to your body now and then.


If you have tried the best chicken and chips, then we are certain that you’ll love Manakish as well! A dish very close to a pizza, Manakish is a common bread meal that you can see in Lebanon, but it can also be something that could be paired with chicken effortlessly! With toppings such as thyme, sumac, and sesame seeds, Manakish offers a very diverse taste that no other dish can replicate.

Lebanon is popular for its green meals and dishes that are truly sublime to taste. With their ever-popular chicken, it’s only natural to find something that will taste amazing when paired with. We hope that this article gave you a proper and better insight when it comes to Lebanese side dishes and the things you can do with the chicken you ordered from a Lebanese restaurant.

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